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Polarized Fishing Sunglasses, Sport Goggles, Prescription Rx Sunglasses

View through inexpensive dark non-polarized sunglasses.  

The outdoor sport enthusiast has uniquely special needs when it comes to his or her polarized sunglasses for outdoor activities. At Optician's Choice we first try to review and compare manufacturers, models, specifications and all the various options available for sunglasses and goggles while paying particular attention to what we feel that we can personally recommend for the best quality & price for your particular sports activities. Because I have always been an avid fisherman for many years, the best sunglasses for fishing that are available at an affordable price have always been important to me.  

It is hard to imagine any sport where the optimal clarity of polarized fishing sunglasses could be any more important then while on the lake fishing. Anglers absolutely must be able to reduce the glare off of the waves and water while fishing. As an angler, I have learned just how critically important it is to my fish catching success to be able to see the objects that are under the water surface. But another even more important aspect is that polarized fishing sunglasses and goggles can improve your safety while operating your boat by enhancing the ability to see submerged objects or even spotting shallow water shoals before it is too late to avoid them.

Non Polarized Dark Green Lens

View through polarized brown lenses offers fishermen a sharp, clear pictures of what is going on.  

Brown Polarized Lens View


Technology - Simply put, polarizing the sunglass lens is a system of filtering and deflecting the reflections of the sun's ray. Here is a great article posted on a professional fishing guide's website explaining more about how important polarized sunglasses can be in fishing and how it can work for you. The technology for the methods of polarizing sunglasses will vary by each manufacturer. Click on the picture of the model of sunglasses and read about the SOS (Survival Optic Sunglasses) polarization process and the reasons why we preferred the particular models that we have chosen.

Service - On the internet most all major manufacturers sell their sunglasses through dealers. These are either online retailers and discount houses. Although some will charge you enough to provide you with some sort of a warranty, that warranty has to be claimed through the seller and not the manufacturer. Depending on the reliability of the seller. the warranty can get risky, complicated and time consuming. Our fishing sunglasses and goggles are warranted directly through the manufacturers.

Price - As you might expect, good optical quality polarized sunglasses are going to be a bit more expensive then those cheaper Ebay versions that are mass produced overseas and marketed through the various internet sellers. If you want to get the most out of your day of fishing, you probably don't want to end your day with bloodshot eyes that has been caused from eye strain or with a headache from unfiltered sun glare. It is our opinion that your best choice is to find a pair of polarized sunglasses that offer all the better options to improve the enjoyment of your fishing at a price you afford without having to sacrifice too deeply for them.

Lens Colors - Your lens color choice needs to be a blend of both personal preference and function. Some angler's eyes are just more comfortable in one lens color than another. The old green lenses have become a thing of the past and their previous popularity has been taken over by smoke grey because the green lenses were much too light restrictive which even led to extreme color distortion. Gray lenses offer good UV eye protection while allowing a better light field than the green. Lens colors of brown, copper, and rose are all similar in light intensity and tend to even brighten the field of view which makes them the most effective in low light conditions like dusk and dawn. I can't begin to tell you that one color is better for all fishing conditions but my personal experience had been that I prefer the brown and copper lenses for better underwater visibility in most freshwater fishing and the grey is normally my choice for better visibility when I'm around around saltwater. Click on each model to see which lens colors each has available.


Optician's Choice Best Quality Polarized Fishing Sunglasses and Prescription Rx Sunglasses

X-Treme Angler  

X-Treme Polarized Prescription (Rx-able) Interchangeable Flip-Up

This unique model is packed with the latest technology. X-Treme incorporates interchangeable polarized lenses in gray, amber, plus one more extra set of clear lenses for eye protection. The X-Treme Polarized offers an optional custom designed snap-in prescription Rx insert. X-Treme is a complete inexpensive "system" that will allow anglers to dial in their exact prescription and adjust their lens colors to the exact fishing conditions on the water. Everything in the X-Treme system is easily and quickly interchangeable and includes a custom designed hard shell zippered pocketed storage case and neck head strap lanyard.

X-Treme Angler Flip Up Sunglasses and Kit


X-Treme Polarized $69.95

View X-Treme Polarized Sunglasses

Optician's Choice Best Quality Polarized Fishing Sunglasses and Prescription Rx Sunglasses


All Fishing Models On This Page Are Polarized

Catch Pro Fishing Sunglasses


Float Polarized Fishing Sunglasses


Prismo is for fishermen looking for polarized lenses in an alloy model.

Interchangeable Lenses


Floats in Water- Shatterproof - Flash Mirror


Classic Lightweight Durable Frame

Catch Pro Sale $39.95 (Free S&H)


Float Pro $45.95 (Free S&H)


Prismo  $49.95    (Free S&H)

View details for the Catch Pro polarized fishing sunglasses.


View details for the Float Pro polarized fishing sunglasses.


View details for the Magnum polarized fishing sunglasses.

Catalina Polarized Sunglasses   Pacific Reef   South Beach offers a great looking military style in a polarized smoke lens for anglers.
Great Wrap-Around Design and Feel   Charter Boat Favorite with No-Slip Fit!   Lightweight Durable Frame
Catalina $49.95  (Free S&H)   Pacific Reef $49.95   South Beach  $49.95    (Free S&H)
View details for the Catalina polarized fishing sunglasses.   View details for the Pacific Reef polarized fishing sunglasses.   View details for the South Beach polarized fishing sunglasses.
  Cozumel Polarized Fishing Sunglasses   Bahama Polarized Fishing Sunglasses   Altius Performance Plus
Stainless Steel Spring Hinges   Great Wrap-Around Design and Feel   High Quality Aviator Design
Cozumel  $49.95  (Free S&H)   Bahama  $49.95  (Free S&H)   Altius Performance Plus  $89.95
View details for Cozumel polarized fishing sunglasses.   View details on our Bahama polarized fishing sunglasses.   View details for the Bahama polarized sunglasses.

Optician's Choice Best Quality Polarized Fishing Sunglasses and Prescription Rx Sunglasses


Avid anglers know that we can't always be too picky about the times that we need to make our long slightly hazardous runs. In the mornings and evenings we often face a wide range of extreme weather conditions making navigation difficult. During the daylight hours we can even face the possibility of debris, waves and flying bugs. And if that isn't enough, the high speeds of today's modern fishing boats means that we need to be able to react within a fraction of a second to avoid disaster. Goggles are a critical safety consideration for anyone that happens to be doing any high speed boating!

  High speed boating requires some thought about eye protection.
For a majority of our high speed boating situations, a really good pair of wrap around polarized sunglasses is all you will ever need. However, there are going to be those times when cold temperatures and/or high humidity will make the use of standard sunglasses impossible.

Desert Shield Goggles

Desert Storm Goggles

Full Throttle Top quality goggles.

Desert Shield $39.95

Desert Storm  $59.95

Full Throttle $59.95

View Desert Shield

View Desert Storm

View Full Throttle


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