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Golfers need to consider many important factors when searching for the perfect pair of golfing sunglasses and prescription Rx sunglasses. We offer the best golf sunglasses and customer service on the web!

Specialized Sunglasses for Golf / Golfing


I really was shocked when I began doing my research in order to locate the specific criteria, information, and considerations that golfers actually need to know and understand when choosing the best performing sunglasses for golfing. The actual lack of golf specific information was incredible! The only thing that I was able to find was that old classic quote, “Our sunglasses will make you look cool and sleek back at the clubhouse!” What?

Here's a novel question. Wouldn't most golfers rather have a pair of sunglasses that will help them play a better round of golf! It has always been my experience that having a better recognition of the golf course's features will translate into a better game! Looking "cool" isn't that important when you shoot a bad round.

  Even the best golfers eventually need to rely on good quality golf sunglasses for a better game and we offer the best quality and price including prescription Rx sunglasses!

Yes, we all want to look good during our outdoor activities but that should be a secondary consideration when selecting a pair of quality sunglasses that have been designed specifically for golfers. Here are some of the more important game play issues that a golfer needs to consider:

Overall Vision – In order to reduce eye fatigue the golfer needs sunglasses that will block those bright harmful UV rays that will be coming from above and at the same time enhance the lower field of view like the fairway and greens. Many sunglasses tackle at least one of these issues effectively but a golfer's goal needs to be to locate sunglasses that deal with all of his golf specific issues giving better upper and lower field of views.

Lens Color – The average golfer is going to need sunglasses for an entire range of light conditions. Golfers often face early and late day low light conditions as well as brightest mid-day conditions possible. Choosing the right color lenses can be critical in handling these possibilities. Interchangeable lenses can be that subtle advantage we're looking for.

Frame Styles – Golfers need sunglasses that will enhance their vision but at the same time not be something that they should have to think about during their round of golf. What that means is that a golfer needs well designed lightweight frames with no part of the glasses frame distracting from the field of vision. The best quality golf sunglasses must be lightweight incorporating strength and an unimpeded vision design. Don't forget to look for a non-slip fit. 


Optician's Choice offers the best customer service in the web for golf sunglasses and we also offer prescription Rx sunglasses!


Vector Intercnangeable Lenses

Optician's Choice recommends the SOS Vector Golf Interchangeable as our best choice among our non-polarized models for many of the exact same reasons that the US military shooters also prefer using this model. The most important of these reasons is the improved depth perception over similar polarized models. This also makes it the perfect choice for golfers. It is strong, very well fitted, and has ophthalmic superior quality Acuview™ lenses to assure the golfer clear, distortion free vision. Also the SOS DuraCoat™ anti-scratch treatment helps protect your investment. The SOS Vector Golf Interchangeable includes multiple interchangeable lenses so that you can match your lens color to the day's conditions.


SOS Vector Golf Interchangeable $59.95

Check out the Stinger for a great price on quality sunglasses for running, hiking, and jogging.


Optician's Choice offers the best customer service in the web for golf sunglasses and we also offer prescription Rx sunglasses!


It is hard to beat the new Golf X-Treme offered by Optician's Choice for all situations. It includes two sets of polarized lenses and two sets of non-polarized lenses to handle all possibilities. This model has a unique design which makes changing lenses a breeze and includes a hard shell zipper storage case with belt loops so that you will have your lenses at your fingertips. Read More    

Flip-Up - Interchangeable Lenses -   Prescription Rx Available 

Note: This model can be ordered with or without your personal prescription added. A snap in insert is included if you decide to add your Rx later and it can be also used as a clear (plano) lens eye protection with the sunglass flipped up.

Golf X-Treme Interchangeable $69.95
View details for the Bahama polarized sunglasses.  

Optician's Choice offers the best customer service in the web for golf sunglasses and we also offer prescription Rx sunglasses!

Altius Performance Plus SOS Prismo Polarized Sunglasses
High Quality Aviator Design Classic Look w/Lightweight Durable Frame
Altius Performance Plus  $89.95 SOS Prismo  $49.95 
View details for the Bahama polarized sunglasses. View details for the Prismo polarized golfing sunglasses.



Optician's Choice offers the best customer service in the web for golf sunglasses and we also offer prescription Rx sunglasses!


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